Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Shingles

Solar Roof shingles

If you are interested in what it takes to implement solar power systems into a home design project have no fear; energy efficiency at home can look fab as well! Today solar energy has improved in order to become more access able and now you can create power and remain stylish with the installation of photovoltaic solar power shingles!

What are PV Solar Power Shingles?

The word photovoltaic (PV) simply means the conversion of light energy into electricity. This process can take place within a PV solar cell which contains semiconductor materials. When sunlight hits these shingles the energy is conducted within the shingle and transferred into energy which is then stored in a battery where that renewable energy is then converted into usable green energy within the home!

These shingles are flexible and have been designed to resemble the traditional asphalt shingle to create a much more aesthetically pleasing roof! All solar power mechanisms require a lot of sunlight in fact they work most efficiently when they have unobstructed sunlight all day. Although they can be used in less sunnier regions they may not have the same effects.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Solar Power Roofing

Obviously the benefits in installing such a roofing material are substantial. Here's why...

The Durability of Solar Powered Shingles

These roofing shingles can be used in any climate and are being used all over the world! These solar shingles are very durable and will not collect snow. In fact they will more than likely aid in melting the snow! This solar powered roofing solution requires minimal maintenance and can last for up to 30 years so long as it was properly installed!

Independently Produced Free Energy

This eco-friendly roofing material allows you to produce your own renewable energy! Sunlight is in abundance so tap into this natural energy source!

Although there is a significantly higher price tag associated with the installation of this green roof, you can quickly regain this cost simply through the reduction of your reliance on the public electricity grid.

Solar power is also closely associated with the value of your home. Most homes that have installed solar power systems have seen their property value increase by approximately 10%!

Clean Energy

Solar power is a completely sustainable, alternative energy source that does not contribute to harmful gas emissions in its production. It is entirely clean!

This eco-friendly power source also reduces air and noise pollution!

An Energy System that Preserves Natural Resources

By installing solar powered roofing shingles you are also helping to reduce the overall consumption of finite fossil fuels and the mining of quarries in the quest for electricity.

How to Reduce the Associated Cost with Solar Power Roofing

Unfortunately installing PV solar powered shingles can be quite costly. However the cost can be recovered very quickly as your electricity bill will drop considerably. There are however other areas that can drive the cost of implementing such a system up that you should also be aware of!

It is possible to install these eco-friendly shingles yourself but this can quickly become a costly mistake! The science and structure behind the design of these shingles truly demands the hiring of a professional to protect your solar investment.

Solar powered roofing requires a specific design plan to ensure that you are maximizing your power potential while extending the life span of your system. Poor management and design of such systems can easily lead to malfunctioning circuits and batteries which can result in the costly replacement of such items.

It is best to hire a professional who will perform an energy analysis of your home. This will provide your installer with the necessary information to create the correct and efficient solar design for your needs.

Thesexygreenhome Opinion

Although solar powered shingles work best in regions where unobstructed sunlight exists on a regular basis, any bit helps. Being energy efficient is such an important step in reducing our environmental footprints. These eco-friendly roofing shingles allow home owners to generate their own power while being able to retain their style dignity! We approve!!

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