Recycled Metal Tile Flooring

recycled metal tile flooring

For a flooring option that is unique, sexy and genuinely environmentally sensitive, recycled metal tiles and plank flooring might just be that eco product you've been looking for!

These sparkling floors made with recycled aluminum add glamour and originality to that special green renovation project at home!

The Environmental Impact of Recycled Metal Tile Flooring

Recycled metal tiles are relatively uncommonly used within the average home and for no reason other than accessibility, cost and awareness. It is another environmentally conscious choice for your floor as they are primarily made from 50% recycled aluminum.

Recycled aluminum. can be collected from various sources such as the obvious beverage can to automotive parts, windows, doors and appliances. The recycled material is then shredded into small strips and eventually melted at a high temperature into a molten form which can be poured into moulds.

The original process for extracting new aluminum. requires much more energy than that used to recycle aluminum. waste making a less of an impact on consumption. Aluminum. is an amazing renewable resource and can be recycled many times over.

These metal floor tiles are also very durable and come in very interesting sizes such as metal planks and the obvious square and subway tile. They clean easily and do not leave marks like stainless steel is well known for.

The Health Impact of Recycled Metal Tile Flooring

For the most part these green floors require special glazes for added protection, stain resistance and abrasion resistance. This can be done in an environmentally safe way although it is important to do your research on manufacturers to be sure. One company specializing in the metal flooring industry is Carina Works located in Austin Texas. This company creates unique floor designs combined with a one of a kind environmentally sensitive glazing technique designed to be sustainable. Their eco product is strikingly beautiful.

When installing any type of eco flooring be sure to choose the correct adhesives, grouts and sealants to ensure the proper indoor air quality for your renovation project. Insist that your eco-flooring installers are using certified products.

Thesexygreenhome Opinion

Who says eco products cannot be sexy??!! Here is the proof. Recycle and look great with this truly unique and stunning green floor.