Recycled Leather Tile Flooring

Leather Floor Tiles by Torlys Smart Floors

What could possibly be more sexy than leather... but in a green home? Finally leather is being recycled and incorporated into interior design with the creation of recycled leather wall and floor tiles. Imagine a floor covering that adds texture while being extraordinarily comfortable on foot!

A favorite pair of boots from the past and everyday belts continue to be put to good use. These soft plush tile flooring will surely add glam to your new green home space. Eco flooring with a leather twist!

The Environmental Impact of Recycled Leather Tile Flooring

Leather tiles and plank flooring are an excellent consideration for an environmentally friendly home. These eco floors are remarkably strong and develop a patina over use. Regular maintenance with natural wax is required to protect these floor tiles. They are not recommended for areas in the home where there is moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The way these floor tiles are made varies from each manufacturer.

EcoDomo Recycled Leather Tiles - This fantastic company located in Washington, DC is committed to producing only products that are rapidly renewable or recycled. Their first project is their gorgeous leather flooring and wall tiles.

EcoDomo's eco-friendly flooring tiles are made with 65% recycled leather, 20% natural renewable rubber and Acacia tree bark which acts as a natural binding agent. This bark is harvested in a very similar way to cork and is completely renewable. This tile flooring however requires adhesives that must be applied in a "glue-down" style installation. They suggest a low-VOC, water-based premium adhesive for their particular floors. For a demonstration of how these floors are made check out their FAQ page!

Torlys Smart Floors - A Canadian company based out of Toronto ON offers an engineered Unclick joint system recycled leather plank floor. Their floors are made from 100% recycled leather that would have otherwise been sent to a landfill. According to Torlys their floors, " contain no harmful VOC emissions, no added formaldehyde and exceed California Indoor Air Quality standards, among the most stringent in the world. ".

The Health Impact of Recycled Leather Flooring Tiles

The only health concern with installing leather flooring in a green home is the adhesives used for a "glue-down" installation and the waxes used for maintenance. If you choose to install these adhesive leather floor tiles be sure to use the recommended water based and low VOC adhesive to comply with a green standard floor.

These floor tiles are relatively durable but proper maintenance is also required to keep them from wearing. Keep them clean by simply sweeping and dry mopping with no harsh chemical cleaners. Remember to use a natural wax regularly to replenish the leather and keep it protected. Also be sure to use furniture padding underneath heavy pressure points to prevent permanent damage to the floor.

The SexyGreenhome Opinion

This is a fantastic way to pay homage to those beloved jackets, belts and shoes of our past and help out Mother Earth. The warmth and beautiful texture of leather on a floor or wall in the home is certainly a special treat. Recycled leather tile and plank flooring offers interior and green home designers a new realm to explore and is of course very sexy!

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