Recycled Materials for door knobs and hardware

Salvaged and recycled door handles and knobs

There are many options available to the consumer if they are considering using recycled materials for their hardware needs. Recycled glass, porcelain, aluminum, bronze and reclaimed and salvaged antique hardware for door handles, door pulls and door knobs are all viable options to consider for your green building project.

These recycled materials make a wide range of hardware such as: Lighting sconces, door handles, door knobs, drawer pulls, hooks and cabinet pulls.

We have described a few of your choices below and hopefully with our advice, we can help you get on the path to greener living

Recycled Aluminum Hardware and Door Handles

Door knobs and hardware require strength and durability and one great green option that meets these requirements is the use of recycled aluminum. These pieces are manufactured from 80% to 100% post consumer and industrial aluminum scrap materials and formed into various door pulls, drawer pulls, lighting sconces and of course door handles. The hardware and lighting sconces are cast in silicone molds and the hardware is finished and coated with a non toxic, non reactive powder coat to preserve their finish. This finish is VOC free and produces no adverse affects to the indoor environment. Eleek Inc is a leading manufacturer of recycled aluminum and they take their green footprint very seriously, using re-circulated water, locally sourced recyclables and reusable abrasives in their manufacture, their hardware and door handles can help towards LEED points.

Recycled Bronze Hardware and Door Knobs

Recycled bronze is a great material for use as hardware, drawer pulls and door knobs. Rocky Mountain Hardware is using 72% recycled bronze, 50% of which is post consumer, to create beautiful and contemporary designs. Like the manufacture of recycled aluminum, these recycled bronze door knobs and hardware can help towards LEED points and Rocky Mountain Hardware's product is also SCS certified and the company has a strong green philosophy and they also manufacture lighting, sinks and faucets. The use of high levels of recycled content and low VOC emissions make this product excellent for the use in the home.

Recycled Glass, Porcelain and Ceramic Door Knobs and Hardware

There is an abundance of recycled glass options available for green home construction and hardware for kitchens, bathroom and cabinetry is front and center. This hardware uses recycled glass and porcelain from post consumer and industrial waste to create a wide range of hardware including; Drawer pulls, end knobs for curtains, hooks, door pulls and door knobs. This recycled glass is sometimes used with ceramics, especially where more strength is required.

Reclaimed and Salvaged Antique Hardware and Door knobs

Another environmentally friendly option for hardware is to use reclaimed or salvaged antique door knobs and hardware. These pieces are reclaimed from older buildings, homes and demolitions. These pieces are then sanded, stripped or refinished and brought back to market and used in future projects or remodels and are available from select dealers. There is a vast selection of antique handles available and if you’re looking for a more classic look to your home then these pieces are a good choice for you.

The Sexy Green Home Opinion

Going green in the home doesn't always necessarily mean new windows, doors, heating systems and solar powered generators. It can be as easy as using a sexy recycled aluminum or bronze door handle, recycled glass drawer pulls and salvaged antique cabinet handles in the kitchen. Every little bit counts and using a recycled or reclaimed piece of hardware is an easy step to building green.