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Another fantastic flooring option for the green home enthusiast is to consider installing a recycled or reclaimed wood floor. Floors created from reclaimed wood are made from the timbers of old barns and buildings and are recycled into new and beautiful green products including flooring! Have all the beauty and style of hardwood while doing your part for the environment.

The Environmental Impact of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

For the most part the reclaimed wood flooring industry has very little environmental impact. These floors are the result of a fabulous product made of wasted and used material that would have otherwise contributed to a landfill.

The only negative aspects of using reclaimed wood flooring might be in the environmental practices of the company who is manufacturing the product. Many companies producing reclaimed wood flooring and furniture are very aware of their ecological footprint and take the necessary steps to reduce them. This can be achieved by finding ways to virtually eliminate all waste, ensure the most effective shipping routes and by using environmentally friendly binders, stains and finishes.

There also has been some discussion on the appropriate reclaiming practices. As reclaimed wood flooring and products are a more sought after item so is the wood itself! Some companies have been reported for claiming their wood as antique when in reality it is not where as others are seeking out buildings and structures that are not yet ready or scheduled for such use.

When choosing a reclaimed wood floor be sure to do your research on the company from which you are buying to ensure that their environmental philosophy is sound.

The Health Impact of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Whether or not your reclaimed wood floor has any impact on poor air quality within the home is a matter of the manufacturer itself. The release of off-gas from flooring products depends up on the binders and adhesives used to construct the floor itself. When choosing a reclaimed wood manufacturer be sure to ask them about the binders and finishes that were used to produce the product. There are several ecologically safe binders and finishes in existence today which give off a very low emission within the German E1 class standard. Make sure that the company you choose is operating within these standards and you will have made a very healthy decision for your home!

The Advantages of using Reclaimed Wood Flooring

In the reclaimed wood flooring industry there are two types of wood used to make these environmentally sound floors:

Reclaimed Wood

Wood reclaimed from old barns, decks, industrial buildings, abandoned homes etc. This wood has already been used in structures and is therefore more worn and includes blemishes such as nail holes and other signs of the construction of its original structure.


The benefit of using reclaimed wood in the home is the character that this product will inevitably provide. Reclaimed wood floors add a natural antique presence to the room, showing off the wear, age and the history of a time gone by. With reclaimed wood you have the opportunity to reuse wood that is either exotic or extinct!


These floors have been refinished but they may still show signs of nail holes and other scratches and dents indicative of its past.

Recovered Wood

Is wood that has not yet been processed. Recovered wood generally comes from trees that were removed due to urban expansion or brought down from harsh weather conditions. This wood is usually more expensive as it is essentially new wood and does not have the blemishes that reclaimed wood does have.


The great advantage is that you save a virtually untouched wood product from being destroyed, and turn it into a new product! Plus it is new, no nail holes and hammer marks, no wear either!

thesexygreenhome opinion

Purchasing a reclaimed wood floor for your home is an environmentally considerate and sustainable flooring selection. It looks and feels beautiful underfoot and provides a certain maturity to a space that would otherwise take years to create.

Be sure to check out Pioneer Millworks, a company that specializes in reclaimed wood flooring, a sure bet for beautiful floors!

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