Eco Friendly Flooring: Carpeting


By now most of us understand the environmental and health concerns surrounding the installation and use of traditional floor covering in the home. The carpet.

Carpets and area rugs are made with synthetic fibres which together with adhesives release toxic gasses into the home resulting in poor air quality and problematic allergic conditions.

What happens to those where carpeting is their flooring product of choice? Luckily we have natural wool! Wool carpeting is our only hope for a green carpet in the home and here is why...

The Environmental Impact of Natural Wool Carpeting

Pure wool carpets are made of 100% natural raw materials and are a truly renewable and sustainable resource. Most companies producing natural wool carpets are using natural adhesives as well. Such adhesives are derived from the rubber tree and help lock wool to its backing.

Backings for pure wool carpets are also natural and are commonly made from jute, cotton or hemp which contain natural ingredients that repel mildew and mould.

Natural wool carpeting if produced with natural adhesives are 100% biodegradable and are being made in a variety of colors and styles to add style to your environmentally conscious carpet.

If you are looking to find an eco friendly floor and choose to install a natural wool carpet be sure to ensure that the company you choose is in fact using all natural adhesives and natural pigments as well. Look for companies like Eco Choices Eco By Design and FloorDesignCenter that practice using 100% natural materials.

The Health Impact of Natural Wool Carpeting

Natural wool carpeting is a very healthy addition to the home. Manufacturers of natural wool carpets do not use dyes, stain protections and pesticides choosing instead to use natural pigments and adhesives that do not contribute to poor air quality in the home.

Wool is widely known as a very breathable fibre and therefore some can be classified as a hypoallergenic floor covering. This essentially means that its structure contains a lot of air pockets that do not promote the growth of bacteria and the harboring of dust mites. It is also a very course and long fibre which is very hard to be inhaled and does not release any dangerous emissions making it an excellent choice for those who are sensitive to allergic conditions.

Wool carpeting is a natural insulator allowing the room in which it is installed to remain a comfortable temperature while aiding in sound absorption. Natural wool carpets are also very durable as they wear well and naturally repel stains!

Thesexygreenhome Opinion

Not everyone enjoys the idea of having a hard surfaced floor for their home. In fact approximately 70% of Americans use carpeting in their homes! It is important to know that there is an option for you to have an environmentally conscious option as well. Natural wool is an excellent choice for the sexy green home!

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