National Home building associations


If you are in the market for a new home, a home renovation or new home design project, we recommended that to do your research first and utilize the free resources that are available to all citizens in North America.

These organizations were founded to help support the Canadian and American home building community through the analysis of government legislation, policy reviews, housing finance systems etc. while providing up to date resources, information and guidelines for home builders and homeowners.

The National Association of Home Builders and the Canadian Home Builders' Association are two terrific organizations that can provide you with incredibly valuable information about your future purchase or planning project.

Learn what to expect when purchasing or building a home, what to expect and how to prepare for a home renovation, what to look for when hiring a contractor, how to work with renovation contracts etc.

The NAHB is also providing home builders with information about the green building trend today. It is important that these organizations maintain building responsibility toward land development, wetland preservation, clean air and the overall effect on surrounding community environments.

Before you embark on your next housing purchase or major renovation, please visit these web sites to ensure you have taken all of the appropriate steps to ensuring a sound investment!