Micro hydropower for the Home

water mill|microhydropower for the home

Micro hydro power electricity production can be found all over the world on a much greater scale. The Hoover Dam is an example of such a large structure which produces electricity through the movement of water.

Micro hydro energy is unfortunately limited to those who have a river or stream on their property from which they can benefit from. Although it is unlikely to look as pretty as this water mill!!

According to U.S. Department of Energy, "The same principles can be applied on a much smaller "micro hydropower" scale to generate electricity for the homeowner with access to a stream or moving water. This size of system normally produces less than 100 kilowatts of power. A large home or small farm can be adequately powered by a micro-hydro system of only 10 kilowatts."

Not only is this source of energy self-sufficient and environmentally beneficial, it can also provide a source of income as well! For those homeowners who can accommodate such a system you may find that you produce more energy than is required for your home. In this case you could also look into selling your "home-made " electricity for a little profit!

TheSexygreenhome Opinion

Micro hydropower is yet another possible energy source available to homeowners today. This is an excellent opportunity for those who live on larger properties or who also own cottages, camps and lodges to take advantage of their surroundings and reduce your energy consumption, if not completely! Learn how you can implement this form of energy into your home or property by visiting Natural Resources Canada.

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