Green Home Renovation Ideas


Planning a renovation? Why not go green? Construction waste is one of the world's greatest polluters so it is up to us as home owners to do what we can to minimize waste for a cleaner planet.

As we are currently facing a global economic crisis, new alternatives for home renovations are becoming very popular and many are making the environment a primary focus.

Re facing and Resurfacing

kitchen countertop before imageA fantastic way to save money and reduce waste during a home renovation is to use a re facing and resurfacing company like Eco countertops. This company reface's countertops with a water based spray on application which can make-over your kitchen and bathroom in a matter of hours and they even back their product with a 5 year warranty!

Their product is water borne with no deadly VOC's ( volatile organic compounds) or harmful fumes and since you are reusing your own surfaces, landfills are spared.

Eco countertops. also Eco Refinish cabinets, tile backsplashes and will soon be doing tubs and tub surrounds, all with eco-friendly coatings!

kitchen ecocountertop after image

Design and color is not compromised with this product as they currently offer over 40 colors and can also spray your cabinets to compliment your new countertops!

Re facing your countertops, tile backsplashes, tile flooring and cabinetry is an excellent way to save money and reduce your waste so that you can live in a greener home!

Renovation Recycle

An essential word for green living! Of course you can use them to re-think waste! Old kitchen backsplash? Used and beat-up coffee table? Why not combine items to make a new mosaic coffee table? Why buy something new when you can use your imagination and create something unique. Reusing old materials is obviously a terrific way to reduce waste but is also a great way to save money and express yourself!

If creativity is not your strength what about your kids? These projects are great learning opportunities for children and budding artists. Before you toss out the old furniture, do some research into art camps and schools and maybe your trash will become someone's treasure.

Renovation Reuse

There are many materials sacrificed during a renovation, but don't forget to pass them on! There are many local organizations that will gladly take your used kitchen cabinets, interior doors and even windows. Before demolition day arrives be sure to research your local organizations which collect such items so that they do not go to waste!