Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials

alternative roofing materials by Authentic Roof

Most would agree that one of the worst feared expenses and daunting tasks of being a home owner is that of replacing roofing. It can be a very costly and timely process however advancements have been made today to help reduce the cost of roofing installation and labor while contributing to a healthier planet. In today's world you can start feeling great again about roofing!

Gone are the days of installing the horrifically hazardous asphalt shingles as they are a petroleum-derived product that is a large contributor to our landfills.

There was a case for recycling used asphalt shingles however according to a report written by Timothy Townsend, PH.D., P.E., and Jon Powell, I.L., and Chad Xu, PH.D. on the Environmental issues associated with recycling asphalt shingles"An extensive review found that the primary environmental concern linked to recycling asphalt shingles is the possible presence of asbestos ...Detailed manufacturing data regarding the amount of asbestos used in asphalt shingles are not available, though anecdotal reports do suggest that asbestos was used in some asphalt shingles until the early 1980s. "

Although cedar shakes can make a for a beautiful and biodegradable roofing material that can be reclaimed from fallen trees and sawn timbre scrap and waste, it is still a dangerous roofing material for fire prone regions that can be easily damaged and can often be replaced regularly.

Roofing tiles are also beautiful and have their place in certain parts of the world where fire resistant roofing is necessary and rainwater collection is also key but it is very heavy and can be costly.

Luckily today there are new roofing systems and theories regarding roofing products providing home owners and commercial buildings with environmentally friendly roofing materials when it comes time to install a new or replace an existing roof.

Green Roofing Materials


This is a fantastic environmental theory for improving outdoor air quality while enhancing the landscapes of cities and communities. A greenroof is an alternative roofing concept which can be achieved by growing a low-lying, specifically designed roof garden! These roofs significantly contribute to the improvement of air quality, rainwater runoff toxicity and storm water management.

Eco-friendly Recycled Metal Roofing

Metal roofing or otherwise known as the "Cool Roof "; is another excellent environmentally conscious roofing material. These steal roofs are a great choice for home owners in hotter climates as they can make a considerable difference in your electricity bill! Metal roofing naturally repels light rays reducing the overall indoor temperature of the home. Make sure that the manufacturer you choose is using the highest amount of recycled materials.

Solar Power PV Shingles

This type of roofing shingle is a fantastic way to implement solar power into your home roofing design. These shingles are specifically designed to resemble your typical asphalt roofing shingle but are instead home solar panels! Now you no longer have to rely on those enormous solar panels as your only option for residential solar power!

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