Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)


Scientific Certification Systems, Inc. is a fantastic third-party world-wide certification assessment company based out of Emeryville, California. Their slogan "Setting the standard for sustainability" ideally represents their environmental intentions. Founded in 1984, this company strives toward the encouragement of various companies and organizations to facilitate their business in an environmentally and socially minded perspective.

According to their web site, the vision of SCS is "To be a global leader in providing third-party environmental, sustainability and food quality certification, auditing, testing and standards development."

SCS offers a numerous amount of certification programs for sustainable food and nutritional industry, forestry, SCS furniture, builder certification, fisheries and of course eco products. For companies looking to become known as an environmentally sound organization SCS offers:

  1. Specific Environmental Attributes Certification
    • Material and Recycled Content
    • Biodegradability
  2. Indoor Air Quality Certification
    • SCS Indoor Advantage and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold
    • Floor Score
  3. Environmentally Preferable Products
  4. Sustainable Choice for the Carpet and Rug Industry
  5. Environmental Performance Declarations and Ratings
    • LCIA, Environmental Performance Declarations and Ratings
    • Electric Power Industry

If you offer an environmentally conscious product and would like your company to receive SCS certification you can find all application forms here!

Scientific Certification Systems is an outstanding example of global awareness and the environmental intention required to achieve a more conscious commercial footprint.

For more information on the remarkable work of Scientific Certification Systems, Inc. please visit their web site.